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Robin’s Nest is proud to offer the following quality services:
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Doggie Day Camp


At Robin’s Nest Bed and Biscuit all guests enjoy spacious climate controlled indoor doggie suites.  Robin’s Nest has accommodations to fit any size dog or dog family.  The Poochie Palace features a variety of suites including two Jumbo suites with windows.  The Bow wow Bungalow has suites designed for smaller dogs and the Ruff House suites are perfect for larger dogs.  The Dawg House is a large private cabin for large dog families and those who prefer solitude.

All dogs get plenty of exercise and go outside 3 times per day for playtime and potty breaks.  All guests may opt for group playtime in our Central Bark outdoor dog park or our indoor dog park on rainy days.  Group activities are staff supervised and guests are paired according to size and temperament.  We also offer small group or buddy time in our indoor playroom or private outdoor time in one of 15 individual play yards.

We believe it is important to maintain a regular healthy diet and require each guest to bring their own dog food so they may remain on the diet they are accustomed to and not risk illness by changing foods.  Dogs are also allowed to bring toys and bedding from home to help them feel more comfortable during their stay.  There is no extra charge for administering medications.

Pick up and delivery service is available in Murfreesboro, Lascassas, Walter Hill, and Smyrna.   Transportation rates for boarding dogs will be $12 each trip.  However if gas prices go below $3 per gallon we will happily lower our transportation prices.

  • 21/2’ X 4’ kennel crate base price for 1 dog is $20 per day
  • 4’X6’ rooms base price $23*
  • 5’X5’ rooms base price $25*
  • 6’X9’ suites base price $30*
  • Private Cabin (10’X12’)  – Entire building base price $50*
  • *For each additional dog staying in the same room add $10 per day

All boarding rates charged per 24 hour period.  Guests arriving between 8-11 am will be charged an additional day’s boarding after 3pm the following day.  Guests arriving after 2pm will not be charged another day’s boarding until after 7pm the following evening.  All rooms include the use of a raised dog bed for each dog as needed.

Doggie Daycamp

Robin’s Nest Doggie Daycampers enjoy the same comfortable indoor accommodations as our overnight guests and receive loving individual care and attention.  Daycampers also get plenty of exercise and may opt for group playtime or a leisurely walk in the country.  Morning pick-up and evening delivery service is available for daycampers within a limited area in Murfreesboro, Lascassas and Walter Hill.

  • $20 for one dog per day WITH transportation*
  • $15 for one dog per day WITHOUT transportation*
  • *Add $5 for each additional dog for daycare in the same family.


While Robin’s Nest is first and foremost a boarding facility, we are now offering organic shampoos and pedicures for the convenience of our boarding and daycare customers.  All baths include all natural shampoo and organic conditioning treatment.  Pricing is determined by size and coat length, $15 – $35.

Pedicures include clipping and grinding of nails.  Foot and pad trimming may also be included when necessary, $5 and up.


We require proof of current vaccinations for all boarding guests, day camp members and grooming clients.  These include a current Rabies shot, Distemper booster, & Bordetella shot within the past year.